policies of the luminary wellness center

appointment requirement and check-in policy

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your first appointment if you need to fill out paperwork, or have any questions to be answered and to relax and ground yourself while enjoy a complimentary beverage prior to your service. You will not be able to utilize any service without first completing the required paperwork, which is available online for you to complete at your convenience. If you are late The Luminary Wellness Center will do its best to accommodate you but in respect to other’s scheduled appointment times, a full-service time cannot be guaranteed. 

Wellness Center etiquette

To provide our guests the best experience, please be respectful of your appointment timeframe and leave your room on time to allow the following client to start their session on time. If late departures are recurrent (3 times)then a $10.00 inconvenience fee will be applied to each subsequent time you remain in your service room beyond the your dedicated wellness time. To help maintain a peaceful environment, please keep your electronic devices and conversations quiet. This will also help to ensure a quiet floating experience.

appointment cancellation policy

Your appointments are very important to us, they are reserved just for your wellness path! The Luminary understands things come up and you may need to reschedule. To honor everyone’s time, we ask that at least a 48 hour notice is provided for any cancelations or rescheduling needs. Upon booking, your credit card is securely kept on file, if you fail to provide The Luminary Wellness Center with at least a 48 hour notice your credit card will be charged a late cancellation fee of $20 for Halotherapy, $35 for Infrared Sauna or $50 for a float service. If you are a no call no show or reschedule your appointments last minute you will be charged the base price for the booked service and may be required to prepay for your future bookings.

float tank contamination policy

If the float pod saltwater solution becomes contaminated in any way (hair color, body fluids, spray tan etc) during your float session and a complete salt water solution change is required you will be held financially responsible for the cleaning, draining and replacing the Epsom salt water solution. The average cost for this to be completed is $900-1200. If you follow the consent form instructions and answer honestly this should not be an issue.

return and refund policy

The Luminary Wellness Center has a 2 week return policy and must be accompanied with a receipt or proof of purchase and must be without damage, in the same conditioned as when you purchased. If a service was pre-paid for and then needed to be canceled with more than a 48 hours notice you will be refunded 100% or your purchase price. When class offerings are limited seating and you pay to reserve your spot but cancel less than 5 days beforehand, a refund cannot be guaranteed and will depend on the instructor and class type.

Change in health status policy

Consent and intake forms remain valid and in effect for as long as you are on your wellness path with The Luminary. If you experience a change in your health status (ie. new pregnancy) it is your responsibility to request, complete and update a new intake form or notify staff on your future visits to The Luminary Wellness Center prior to using any service. This is to protect your safety as changes could result in a contraindication to a service.

right to refuse service

Subject to applicable law, The Luminary Wellness Center reserves the right to refuse service for any reason including, but not limited to: non-payment, mistreatment of other customers, staff or facility, loitering, safety concerns, a contraindication or concern with service use, previous No Call/No Show, repeated late cancellations (<24 hrs), an inability to respect the space of others or the general atmosphere of The Luminary. Depending on the need, The Luminary may require an attendant or caregiver be present in the room during a service to help ensure that person’s safety. The Luminary follows all applicable non-discrimination policies and will not refuse service on the basis of protected status including, but not limited to: age, sex, race, national origin, ability/disability or sexual orientation etc. 

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